Brian Donohue
Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Brian started coding in BASIC at the tender age of 12. Since then he has traversed the ropes of higher-level programming from Java to C++, but still has a deep affinity for the purity and power of C. After college Brian went to work at Attila Technologies where he built embedded software for mobile routers, hacked the Android Open Source Project, and built Mac OS X Network Kernel Extensions. At Echolocation he ditched executables for byte codes, and developed an appreciation for functional programming by building Echo in Scala and Lift.
Rocky Chiu
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Rocky Chiu LOVES the entire Adobe creative suite. Spending most of his day fooling around in Photoshop and Illustrator, Rocky was able to acquire design skills with no prior formal training. Thus he started his career at dcjanodesign, a design & marketing firm, with focus on logo design, brand development, color psychology, implementation of ideas, brain storming, and designing marketing materials for print and on-line initiatives. He is also versed in SMM, SEO, copywriting elements of advertising, and keeps up to date in latest design trends.
Jason Scherr
Co-Founder & Business Director
Jason is a serial entrepreneur, having joined Echolocation after two years as the CEO and Co-Founder of Tivity. Jason’s efforts led to Tivity’s acceptance into the NYU-Poly Varick Street Incubator and the Techstars StartFast Accelerator program in Syracuse, NY. Prior to founding Tivity, Jason managed business development and customer loyalty within the audiology division of Siemens Healthcare, overseeing the creation and expansion of the industry's premiere customer loyalty program with over 500 accounts and $50 million in annual revenue. Jason holds a B.A in International Business and Communication from Muhlenberg College and an M.B.A. from Monmouth University.